Adventures in Wisdom™ Programs
“Story-based” programs help you raise confident kids
The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™
We all want our kids to be happy and to walk in the world with their head held high – the question is, how do we teach them how to get that?
It doesn’t matter how much you love your children…you can’t give them self-esteem, self-confidence, or success in life. But what you can do is help them to develop it in themselves!
The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ is a fun, story-based “mentoring toolkit” that gives step-by-step tools for helping your kids learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up; to think for themselves and make good decisions; and to go for their dreams and make them happen.
Ace That Test!™ Coaching Kit
Do your kids get stressed out on test day? Do they know the answer at home but draw a blank at during the test?
Learning how to study and to take tests doesn’t come naturally for the vast majority of students. Fortunately these are skills that your kids can learn so that they are confident and prepared on test day (and mindset and brain science are the key!).
Click below to learn how you can give your kids an edge in the classroom and in life with the ACE IT System for Taking Tests™.

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